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#1 Tree Service Greenville NC – Trusted & Loved by 100s!

If you ever need a tree removed, trimmed or any other kind of tree service, then look no further than our Tree Service Greenville NC team!

Sometimes things happen to us that aren’t expected such as storms or just nature in general.

And it can happen to anyone.

That’s why, if you have some kind of tree trouble or just want to increase the look of your tree or property, then our best tree service in Greenville NC can help you out!

Please do not try tree removal by yourself, even if you are a super enthusiastic DIY type of person, you need someone experienced to handle tree services.

You not only need the right tools, equipment, harnesses and other safety equipment, you need an entire crew to be able to do most tree work.

It is definitely not a one person job.

The good news is, our team at Greenville, North Carolina, has all the proper equipment, the team and of course the thousands of hours of experience in handling all kinds of trees to help you out!

Here’s some of the tree services we offer in Greenville, NC:

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Cutting
  • Stump Grinding and Stump Removal
  • Emergency Storm Assistance
  • Local, Family-Owned Business

We service Greenville, NC and the surrounding area of Pitt County:

  • Greenville
  • Havelock
  • Vanceboro
  • Winterville
  • Pitt County

Whether it’s a small tree in your yard, or dozens of trees for land clearing, we provide professional Tree services for all kinds of tree needs!

We take pride on our quality of service, professionalism as well as putting attention and care into every project while keeping a reasonable price.

Our mission is to make sure all our customers feel like family throughout the entire tree service process and we’ll make sure your property looks brand spanking new after we are finished.

We also believe that safety comes first, so we’ll take extra steps to make sure both the property and the people around the proper are safe from any kind of accident damage. We do our best with harnesses and cables to make sure the tree doesn’t cause any nearby damage.

Our key philosophy is never cutting corners and always provide 100% of our best work for every project we tackle.

Please call our Greenville NC Tree Service today for the best tree service you can ask for!

Please give us a call! We want to help!

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Don’t rely on Guesswork – Rely on what works! We use Best Practices for Tree Removals and Tree Trimming

If it looks like a tree is about to fall over or is leaning towards one side, then at any given moment, it is in risk of falling over and damaging property or worse, injuring people.

Even if it’s not evident that a tree may be at risk of falling, underneath, a tree may be dying and weakening.

Some trees will have dying roots, dead or rotting branches and with enough time, it is at the risk of falling.

This can be even more dangerous if the tree in question is close to Powerlines because a tree falling over on a Power line can cause a blackout and the whole neighborhood can lose power because of it.

So it is imperative, that if you suspect something like this, that you hire professional tree removal services like our Tree Service Greenville NC team to take a look and give recommendations.

You need to get professional tree analysis and inspection or else it can cost you more money and energy in the long run involving your property.

We’ve heard many different stories about trees falling over and damaging properties and costing them even more money to repair the properties too, so it’s best if you reduce this risk by solving it preemptively.

Let our Greenville NC tree service team lend you a hand (and also our brain) so that you won’t be at the peril of property damage from trees.

We’ll do all the work, and inspection so that you don’t have to!

We make it extremely easy for you to work with our tree service!

Please call 585-326-8188 for a Quick & Easy Estimate to get our service today!

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Thousands of Hours of Experience In Tree Service in Greenville NC

Because we specialize in Tree services, we have had tons of in-field experience in taking down all kinds of trees of all sizes. But of course not just the quantity of hours but also quality work we put into our labor.

Because of this experience, we have a deep understanding of every kind of tree scenario you can think of and can handle it well. We have very effective ways to be safe and efficient with every project we tackle.

Our Greenville NC Tree Service also understands that your property, whether it is residential or commercial may be something that you value.

So with that being said, we do our best to protect the proper from any damage during the tree removal process and make sure no one is injured.

After our services, our customers love the way their homes look because we also place extra attention to cleaning up the place after our work.

We can discuss with the property owner, a customized plan which can include tree trimming, removal as well as pruning and grooming.

We can also take a look at the health of the tree and treating it, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Another thing a lot of our beloved customers ask for, is to trim trees next to windows that may be obstructing sunlight from coming in.

So if you have any kind of tree project, please give us a call today for a free no-obligation and on-site estimate!

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Tree Services in Pitt County

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Because we are a locally operated, family owned business, we have very close relationships with our customers in Greenville and Pitt County. It’s like we are part of a big, extended family with everyone we work with.

No matter how big or small a project is, we give is our 100% and we bring our expertise, experience and our proprietary, advanced tree techniques to give you the best possible tree removal services in Greenville, NC.

Our Tree Services Greenville NC team is prepared to take on the biggest of tree jobs. You’ll be able to tell after job completion, that we did not cut corners, but put extreme attention to detail to make your property safe and looking the best that it can.

We believe that if you put your trust in our tree team, you’ll be very happy with the results we can provide.
We tackle every project with the mindset that is our a project for our own property of home and make sure to carefully and accurate measure, analyze and conduct our tree services.

Call us right now to schedule a free estimate and visit!


Because we’re not some kind if gigantic tree service corporation, we like to keep deep relationships with every single customer we serve.

We have thousands of hours of experience on the field and cutting, trimming and taking down trees, so we have pride in our skills and also pride in our friendliness and professionalism.

When you partner with us for your tree services in Greenville NC, we put 100% of our body, mind, and soul into your project and double check with you after completion to see if you are satisfied with the completed work. We not only see our work as just tree removal of tree trimming, but we see it as a work of art.

And because we provide our tree services to both commercial and residential owners, we would be happy with any kind of work, whether it be for your home or office or business that you present us with.

Be ready to be wowed by our amazing tree service by calling us now for a free estimate:

Greenville Tree Removal Services

Tree removal services in Greenville NC is probably the most common job that we have.

Greenville, North Carolina is filled beautiful greenery and luscious nature-based scenery and we’re so grateful for the trees that the city provides!

Sometimes though, these trees, as beautiful as they are, can cause problems with our everyday lives.

That’s where our team comes in and can help with these situations:

  • Emergency Tree Services
  • Storm Services
  • Dying or Dead Tree
  • Property Expansion or Renovation
  • Land Clearing
  • Tree Falling Over
  • Branches Obstructing views
  • Tree Crown Problems
  • Trees Near Power Lines
  • Aesthetic Reasons

And so much more!

No matter what kind of tree problem or project you have for us, our team in North Carolina in Greenville can help with any situation!

We have many different safety checks in place along with equipment checks so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with our tree services.

For our tree removal services, we start with analyzing the tree and making sure it can be extracted.

We also take into consideration the surrounding area to make sure the tree has enough room to be removed and nothing is in danger.

We also make sure to ensure that the people around the tree in question are safe and we put necessary harnesses and cables in place to brace the tree if we need it.

So overall, we make sure that not only is the job finished with 100% satisfaction, but that the job is done with safety in mind.

Because one of our tenets is attention to detail, we make sure to closely examine EVERYTHING to make sure everything goes according to plan and we do an extraordinary job.

So please call us today for all your tree service needs!


Tree Trimming Services in Greenville

Aside from tree removals, our other tree expertise lies in tree trimming.

We agree with other arborists, in that tree trimming is a combination of both science and art.

It’s science because there is a certain procedure for tree analysis, safety and equipment usage, but it’s also an art because every tree job is different and needs customization as no two tree trimming job is the same.

So we advise locals living in Greenville, NC to never try tree cutting or trimming by themselves!

First of all, it is very dangerous to climb a tree without the proper harnesses and cables and also dangerous to climb it without any experience or training.

You cannot see tree services, as a simple, do-it-yourself project that you take on at home by yourself.

Although we are all for DIY projects, tree services should not be one, because of the many dangers it comes with.

With tree services, you’ll also need the proper equipment including stump grinders, harnesses, cables, saws, an entire crew and a crane if necessary.

Here’s some of the situations where you can hire a professional such as our Greenville NC Tree Services:

  • Tree Trimming for interfering branches
  • Obstruction of views
  • Improving a walkway with a tree crown
  • Improve a tree’s health by removing dead or dying branches
  • Basic pruning and trimming
  • Aesthetic reasons for property
  • Increase Property Value

We have seen many times, that when you do a great tree job, not only will it improve the property in terms of looks, but it can also improve the property in terms of value.

Also, preemptively trimming a tree to reduce loose branches, can help prevent future falling branches and injury people that walk underneath them.

Our Greenville Tree Service team is always here to help!

Please give us a call today to schedule your free estimate!


Stump Removal and Stump Grinding in Greenville

Tree Service Greenville NC 1

What is stump grinding?

You ever see a tree that has been cut down but the bottom portion is still intact with the ground?

That is called a stump.

And stump grinding and/or stump removal is removing the stump so that they don’t interfere with everyday live (or just to make the property look good).

There are many reasons why you would want to remove a stump such as for aesthetic reasons, interference, landscaping, tripping hazard, or you want the roots removed to plant other plants.

Although there are some functionalities to a tree stump, such as using it as a table, or to use it for sitting, most people would rather have it removed.

When our Greenville NC Tree Service team removes your tree, we always give you the option to remove the stump or not.

We can either grind it down until you cannot see it, or just remove it completely.

Because stump grinding is one of our special skills here at Tree Service Greenville, NC, you can count on us to make sure we do an exceptional job.

Just like there are many different tree species, there are also many different types of tree stumps that come in many different shapes and sizes.

And because of this, some of the root systems of these stumps can be different in size.
So our Greenville arborists make sure that we acknowledge the types of root systems that are happening underneath to give you ideal stump grinding results.

Here’s a list of reasons why you would want a stump removed:

  • Aesthetic Reasons
  • Landscaping
  • Land Clearing
  • Want extra space for property
  • Attracts Insects
  • Tripping Hazard
  • Unwanted Tree Growth

Whatever your reason for wanting a stump removed, we can help remove any kind of stump you have!

Because we also have all the best equipment for grinding stumps, you can rely on us to do an excellent job, while keeping your property and the people around it safe.

Give us a call today for a free estimate:


Call: (239) 323-7007

Why We Are The #1 Top Rated Tree Service Professionals in Pitt County

Extreme Attention to Detail

We treat your property like it is our own property.

We know that homeowners and property owners cherish their properties, so we make sure we treat your property’s with respect and care.

Our entire team is trained to respectfully be careful when it comes to dealing with your property.

Every single tree project we work on, no matter how small it is, we carefully plan out the work while paying close attention to all the small, details to give you the best tree service in Greenville NC!

No branch is left behind, no twig is overlooked and we always consider your opinion to give you a customized plan for your tree service.

Our Attention to Detail Planning:

First, we analyze the tree’s health and also the surrounding areas such as plants and buildings.

When we do our first on-site visit, we will give you a free estimate and explain to you what type of work is required for your project.

We even give you suggestions and recommendations even if you ultimately decide not to invest in our tree services.

To give you an accurate estimate, we check the species of the trees, the health, surrounding areas, whether there are power lines nearby, underground piping and make sure the surrounding area is safe during the work.

Because we always give 100% and take no shortcuts, our customers rave about our services giving us several 5-star reviews.

And because our trusted customers send us so much love, we reciprocate that by providing you our love in the form of tree service work. That’s why we earn the respect and trust of the locals in the city of Greenville, NC.

We will not just give you tree services, but you can see us as your tree advisor and consultants so you can ask us any questions you may have around trees and plants and we’ll be happy to answer these questions.

Safety is always #1 Priority

As we mentioned before, tree removal or any other type of tree service should not be a DIY project you do at home by yourself

One small mistake when you are climbing a tree and it can lead to serious injury or a lot of damage to the surrounding area.

That’s why we always make sure our safety equipment, harnesses and cables are on point and properly secured.

You must have a professional or someone with lots of experience and training to be able to conduct any kind of tree service.

Some risks involved with tree removal and tree services:

Not using proper harnesses and misdiagnosing the tree

You can’t just climb a tree with your own two feet and hand, you need to be able to secure yourself properly with good cabling and harnesses.

Additionally, dying or decaying branches can cause potential injury when climbing a tree or even walking under the tree because with loose branches, you can lose your step and fall and cause injury if not properly harnessed.

With loose branches, anyone walking under has the potential to be injured if not trimmed away.

Dying branches can be misanalysed due to it being hard to detect from the surface level. You’ll need to give it proper inspection because you need to be able to see if the trunks and branches are hallow because these branches can be very unstable.

With a strong gust, a branch can be knocked down and cause potential damage to anything underneath it.

Nearby Power Lines

Trees that are nearby power lines are hazardous and you need to seek professional help for tree services.

Before the worst happens, which is a tree falling onto a power line and the whole neighborhood loses power, it’s best if you connect a professional tree service team like our Greenville Tree Service for proper help.

Equipment, Tools and Vehicles

Our well-trained team is equipped with the most advanced tools and equipment to give you the best tree work we can possibly deliver!

We also have had hundreds of hours of training and of course real-world experience cutting down trees, trimming and stump grinding with these tools so we know definitely know our way around operating these equipment.

The equipment although powerful, can be hazardous if you try to use them without any training.

That’s why you need to hire professional tree services to make sure there is no potential injury while cutting down your trees.

Please give our Greenville tree service a call for a free estimate and let’s get your tree project started today!


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Tree Service Greenville NC FAQ

Should My Tree Be Trimmed or Removed?

This really depends.
Every project is different and it also depends on the scenario.

This is also highly dependent on each individual customer, because where one customer might want to have their trees trimmed, another customer might want to have the tree removed.

We would however, give you suggestions on what to do from a tree expert standpoint, but ultimately it would be up to you.

Sometimes, if a tree is dying or decaying and we think it might not be safe for the surrounding area, we might give a suggestion to remove it.

Or if there is a potential storm coming soon, then we might suggest trees around the property to be removed.

Can I Cut a Tree Myself?

You shouldn’t try something like this.
Even if the tree looks small, climbing it up might posses risk of injury, because some branches can be loose or decaying.

Also, you might cut a tree the wrong way and it might end up falling over in a different direction than intended and could damage property.

That’s why we definitely recommend hiring a professional when dealing with tree services.

Should I be there at the time of the tree estimate or service?

Nope, you don’t need to be there for either the estimate or service.
As long as we have access to the tree, we can do the work.

We just need information about which tree you want worked on and it’s location.

It is better if you can point things out that you want customization, but other than that, we can take care of it without your presence.

After the initial visit, we can talk about the tree service request in detail and we can give you a free estimate.

For more complex projects, we might require your presence to get a more accurate viewpoint on what needs to be done, but we are very flexible with our schedule and can usually adhere to your requests.

What Does the Tree Removal Process Look Like?

The process can be different from time to time, but we can outline the basic tree removal process.

Here’s what it can look like:

-Site visitation for free on-site estimate
-After you are okay with the cost, we’ll then schedule the work (you don’t need to be present, unless you want something customized)
-We arrive with crew and equipment and finish the work
-After completion, we make sure no branch is left behind and make your property looking brand new

Give us a call now for your free on-site visit from Tree Service Greenville NC!

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